Rope Access

Rope Access

Rope access

Rope access is a legal working method that offers a very safe alternative to other systems such as scaffolding, aerial platforms, suspended cradles, cranes, ... These systems cannot always be used in hard to reach places. By means of industrial rope access and climbing techniques All Works At Height executes projects in new construction and technical maintenance on hard to reach places at height or depth, both in the civil and industrial as the offshore branche. The works executed are diverse: painting, industrial cleaning, mechanical work, electrical installations and demolition. Clients outsource these multidisciplinary projects to us because we can rely on the experience, knowledge and expertise of our carefully recruited and trained team of technicians.


The advantages of rope access

  • Quick setup and removal of access to the workplace
  • Cost and time saving in comparison with other often used materials such as scaffolding, aerial platforms, ...
  • No nuisance to others
  • Extremely safe solution for any heigt, depth, above water, ...