Your partner for maintenance on Skylotec devices

We are pleased to announce that AWAH (All Works At Height) has obtained a brand-new maintenance certification handed out by our partner Skylotec. We already were an authorized distributor of all parts and devices Skylotec has to offer but from now on we are a certified maintenance and training partner as well, one of the few in Belgium by the way.

Some Skylotec devices on which we can perform your yearly maintenance from now on:

Actsafe ACX Power Ascender
The ACX battery-powered winch simplifies and accelerates work on structures that are difficult to access. This motorised system is used for cleaning facades or windows, rescue operations, the maintenance of complex building structures, the rotor blade of wind turbines or for transporting loads on heights. ACX is a highly flexible system for easy and cost-efficient cleaning or maintenance.

MILAN offers a variety of applications for different rescue scenarios, essential when working at heights. It is the standard rescue device in the industry for rescue operations of any kind at any place. The MILAN 2.0 HUB provides an additional lifting function and the MILAN 2.0 POWER is the special version of the latter that offers an option for fast and safe rescue over long distances upwards.

The operation and use of the ACX can be learned in special training courses. Since we provide customized training programs, these courses can be followed with us.


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