Optimal quality level, professionalism and safety

All Works At Height pursues an optimal quality level, professionalism and safety and no compromises are made according to these values. Therefore we chose to invest in the development of a quality system that is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It gives us the opportunity to monitor the quality of our service and products constantly and to adapt if necessary. All Works At Height strives to an incessant optimization of our organization and service. The quality system is mainly focused on the enhancement rather than assurance.

Our projects always involve a certain risk due to the location of the workplace or the type of work that has to be executed. Our clients can be confident that the job is done with consideration for safety, health and the environment, proved by our VCA* certification.

The main asset of All Works At Heigt is our team. For our day-to-day operation we can rely on a multidisciplinary group of our own staff who are trained continuously and are supported by a team of professionals: project managers, backoffice support, planners, QHSE managers, technical managers and two experienced and hands-on business managers.